Zen to Paper

Awaken creativity and introspection through art journaling

What is Zen to Paper?

Zen to Paper is an online art journaling workshop that supports you through 21 days of daily journaling practice to create a habit and give you a new way to express your life, thoughts and emotions using words and images. 

This course is perfect for beginners and anyone looking to spice up their current journaling practice by introducing three creative tools combined with daily self-reflections.

About Zen to Paper & Student Work

You'll see beautiful work from students who've taken Zen to Paper as well as get a layout of how the course works.


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Zen to Paper

How it works

Zen to Paper offers 21 days of instruction in pre-recorded videos for you to follow through at your leisure. After signing up, you will receive daily email reminders to view each day's lesson on the Teachable platform where the course is hosted.

The videos will introduce you to 3 art journaling techniques and how to combine them to get you started with your art journaling practice in just 20 minutes a day.

What's included in this course:

  • Over 20 pre-recorded videos of daily mindfulness talks and art instruction
  • Downloadable PDFs with each day’s lesson
  • Instructions to support your visual journaling practice
  • A year of access to the material
  • An invitation to a private Facebook community
  • A whole new way of thinking about self-care
  • List of supplies

Why 21 days?

Research suggests it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit! Choose your own start date, follow through the 21 days of consecutive lessons to create your journaling habit.

Zen to Paper is for you if want to...

• ignite your creativity

• reconnect with your deeper self

• learn new skills to journal

• make life more intentional

• claim some time just for you

• feel inspired and supported

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Zen to Paper

What if I can't draw?

You're going to learn a secret about drawing that will change everything!

What if I'm not creative?

Zen to Paper is about discovery, curiosity, play and getting to know yourself using the creative process. You'll discover your own form of creative expression with these three accessible tools.

What if I don't have time?

This practice takes just 20 minutes a day, and in that time you begin to feel a deeper connection to your creative expression and your inner world. 

Student Testimonials

Diane's Zen to Paper class is a mindfulness miracle. She encourages introspection, deep breaths and community to add to your self-care routine. Diane has a down to earth, honest and encouraging teaching style. She holds the hands of each student exactly when they need it.

Brenda, Paris, France


Zen to Paper has been a tremendously rich and healing adventure in awakening to my true nature, through creativity. 

Combining journaling, inner process work with creativity Diane offers a colorful way to unlock the mystery. She offers a simple melody of techniques, which, if practiced, opens up doors and windows. My Zen to Paper pieces were often a surprise, sometimes a struggle, always a source of deep healing. Lots of fun too!  If you have a chance to study with Diane, take it!

Arina, Fairfax, CA


I have had an extraordinary transformation of my sense of who I am through attending Diane Sherman’s course Zen to Paper. For my whole adult life, I had identified with the words “I can’t draw."

Then, I took Diane’s course and  we jumped right in with the blind contour drawing and much to my surprise somehow by not looking at the paper as I drew, I was actually able to draw….It has been a powerful process and freed me up to access and express my internal life in an immediate and extremely healing process. 

Leigh, New York, NY

Student Work

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Zen to Paper

Diane Sherman, MA

Diane Sherman is an artist, poet and yoga teacher whose commitment to love, creativity, and transformation has touched many around the world.

Weaving together 25 years of yoga teaching, with her lifelong pursuit of the creative process and her commitment to inner freedom, Diane’s intimate workshops and supportive online courses have empowered people to awaken their creativity and true nature.

Zen to Paper is an online art journaling course designed to support a daily ritual of creative self-reflection so you can pause in your day, find a moment of spaciousness, and express your inner world. Her Journaling HeART online course takes you even deeper into your heart and creative process.

Diane is a Bay Area native living in Spokane, WA.