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What is Journaling HeART?

Journaling HeART is a 7-week online art journaling workshop which offers experiential learning, deep self-care and community connection.

Nurturing your soul and creativity may seem like a luxury when you’re managing the plethora of responsibilities you already have – career, relationships, aging parents, kids, your home.

But staying centered and grounded amidst life's chaos is exactly what we all need to navigate this world. The creative process teaches you how to cope with uncertainty, how to pivot and be flexible, how to take risks and to experiment.

How it works

Over the course of 7-weeks, the Journaling HeART online workshop guides you through 7 learning modules, each focused on a different aspect of art journaling. The modules introduce both art skills and self-inquiry methods to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Upon signing up, you receive pre-course information and a supply list to prepare for the journey. Once the course begins, you’ll receive weekly emails to let you know the next Module is available. You have the opportunity to connect with community going through the same session via the private Facebook Group and in the 3-live calls for that session. The time commitment each week, to get the most out of the course, is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

At the end of the course, you’ll leave with the confidence to use a variety of art tools, you’ll have a solid art journaling practice and a great foundation to continue your self-inquiry.

Spring session begins March 28, 2021.

This course includes:

  • Self-inquiry questions, art instruction, poetry and self-care support
  • Weekly Videos and downloadable PDFs
  • Invitation to join private Facebook Group
  • Weekly art, writing and movement prompts 
  • Access to materials for one year
  • 3 live ZOOM calls

Journaling HeART is right for you if...

You’re ready to explore the creative process and all it has to teach you: how to activate curiosity, experimentation, risk taking, play, new perspectives.

You want to deepen your relationship with yourself and get curious about who you are now and discover what delights you, what impedes you, what your soul longs for.

You ultimately want to cultivate self-love and self-acceptance and learn to tame the critical inner voices that keep you from blooming into your most magnificent self.

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Spring Session begins March 28th, 2021


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Student Testimonials

Diane inhabits that unique, inspiring combination of compassion and conviction that enables her to support others honestly in their growth.

I have never thought of myself as an artist, but Diane’s clear instruction provided the guidance and encouragement I needed to branch out and express myself in new and satisfying ways. It is obvious that Diane puts a great deal of thought and care into her lessons, and she asks nothing of her students that she has not wrestled with herself. I have become more confident, more daring and more vulnerable in self-expression, and learned skills that I will carry through life. Take this course: you will not regret it!

Angie N., San Francisco, CA


For decades I have used a traditional written journal with limited benefits. 

Diane’s art journaling course allowed me to get beyond the limitations of the written word. Her original approach, gleaned from her own unique process, has been invaluable as I have worked through a host of experiences and feelings. This course gave me techniques to go deeper than discursive thought to the depth beneath conscious awareness.  At age 62 I had never drawn or painted and believed a story that I was not an artist. With Diane's kind and skilled teaching, I have awakened my inner artist and intend to continue with her as more teachings become available. I highly recommend this course. 

Maggie, Spokane, WA


Prior to taking Journaling HeART, I was deeply struggling with the grief of losing my soulmate. Despite being an eternally optimistic spirit, it seemed like true happiness would never be something I genuinely felt again.

Diving into this art journaling class did multiple things for me. First, it mandated that I create space in my ridiculously busy life to take time for myself. The playful nature allowed for me to feel joy and freedom. I was also able to safely express some of the deep and painful feelings that were stirring in me. Putting the rage on paper and covering it up with art was beyond therapeutic. The self-paced nature of this course makes for no excuses not to do it. 

The shift and space in my soul as a result of this work is a gift beyond words. Diane is magical at what she does. The world will prosper from her teachings! 

Frankie Browning, Spangle, WA


Diane’s course came to me at the perfect time!! I was in one of the lowest points in my life. I was devastated by betrayal and the abrupt end of my marriage and found myself reeling with so many emotions I didn’t know what to do with them.

This course helped me so much by guiding me to journal my feelings and to start having a relationship with my inner life. At first, I felt scared and lonely, and then I began listening to Diane’s lessons and I’d do the journaling exercises. She taught me to look inside of myself and not be afraid. I was so appreciative of her gentle guidance. Through the journaling techniques I was able to express my feelings and learn to be with myself. I also loved the poetry she read to us.

I’m grateful this course came to me at just the right time and now I have these self-care tools forever.

Manal Ghandour,  Beirut, Lebanon


How is this different from traditional journaling?

Journaling HeART combines the fun of creative play with the deep journey of self-inquiry using the creative process AS a means to understanding yourself better.

How do I know this course is for me?

Do you long for some time to connect with yourself? Do you have that itch to discover your own creativity? Do you want to develop self-acceptance and self-love? Then Journaling HeART is for you. This course is designed to create rituals of self-care, introspection and creative expression all at once.


What if I've never done any art?

This course is great for those new to art. It will help you discover your own unique ways to play with art tools. The journal is a safe place to get curious about the creative process and take the first steps.


What if I've never journaled?

No journaling experience required! Each week, you’ll get self-inquiry questions to prompt discoveries about your heart’s desires and to facilitate your journaling practice.


I’m afraid someone will read my journal…

Feeling safe enough to pour your inner life onto the page is a real concern for many people. This class covers privacy concerns and how to address them. 

Will I have access to the teacher?

You will meet with Diane during the 3-Live calls offered during the 7-week session. She is also active in the Facebook group to answer questions and comment on your art journaling practice.

What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

We’re so confident that Journaling HeART will activate your creativity and support you to deepen your relationship with yourself that we offer a no-questions asked *30-day money back guarantee. (*30 days from course start date)

What are the technical requirements to take this course?

You can access Journaling HeART online using a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. We also offer tech support via email.

Diane Sherman, MA

Diane Sherman is an artist, poet and yoga teacher whose commitment to love, creativity, and transformation has touched many around the world.

Weaving together 25 years of yoga teaching, with her lifelong pursuit of the creative process and her commitment to inner freedom, Diane’s intimate workshops and supportive online courses have empowered people to awaken their creativity and true nature.

Zen to Paper is an online art journaling course designed to support a daily ritual of creative self-reflection so you can pause in your day, find a moment of spaciousness, and express your inner world. Her Journaling HeART online course takes you even deeper into your heart and creative process.

Diane is a Bay Area native living in Spokane, WA.

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Spring Session begins March 28, 2021


One Time Purchase

3 payments of $185/month

Payment Plan